A fast and easy way to get more qualified applications

Save valuable time and directly invite your candidate to an interview!

Hire fast, by receiving a selection of qualified candidates!

Get the best applications - with documents!

Use the most successful online marketing channels to promote your open vacancies to talents.

Social networks and online platforms know their users better than they know themselves. This is why advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest is so successful: As a company you will reach matching candidates there, where they already spend their time anyways.

What is working well for products and services, also works for open job positions: Online and social media marketing for job - also called Performance Recruiting!

Your open positions will be displayed location-based in the feeds of users with matching interests and qualifications. From there, interested users can apply with just a few klicks and you can decide which candidates you would like to interview. 

By use of our jobcampaigns you generate the attention of users for your vacancy and simultaneously engage in employer branding. 

With the benefits you offer as an employer, you will convert more users into candidates than you ever did before!

More effective than classic job vacancies.

Pay & Pray was yesterday. Get the most out of your recruiting budget and reach matching candidates with strategic targeting.
Thanks to a low-threshold approach, you get in contact with more candidates and win the competition for the best employees.
Keep up with the times and offer an easy, mobile and intuitive application process without asking for application documents.
80% of all employees are willing to change jobs, but only 20% apply actively – reach the missing 60% with us!

This is how SCOUTMENT works

Make an appointment with one of our recruiting experts and we set up your jobcampaign!
48 hours after application receival, our recruiting team establishes contact with your applicants and qualifies the candidates for you.
Receive our SCOUTMENT profiles with your matching candidates and interview them in a few days time!
Our vision: A world in which every business finds the right employees.

The special benefits

Active and passive candidates
Mobile application process
Modern application process
Contact with candidates in 48 hours
Profiles of candidates with the most relevant information
Qualified and motivated candidates, ready to interview!
Run your first jobcampaign with us!
Book your personalized SCOUT package as needed

Our prices: Fair, transparent, and flexible

Your optimal number of campaigns - our control for more flexibility

Discover how many campaigns best cover your staffing needs. Simply move the slider to explore the ideal number of campaigns according to your staffing requirements for the positions to be filled."


Starter SCOUT

Would you like to harness the power of social media recruiting? With the Starter SCOUT, every customer has the unique opportunity.

Campaign Number: 1

  • Ideal entry point to experience the power of social recruiting
  • Only bookable once per customer
  • Initial contact with candidates within 48 hours
  • Includes pre-qualification and creation of short profiles by the SCOUTMENT team


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If you are urgently searching for 1-2 different professionals or multiple hires (3-10 employees) for a role, then the 3er SCOUT is the right choice for you. You can also run campaigns simultaneously for the staffing of different roles.

Campaign Number: 3

  • Ideal for filling 1-2 roles
  • Comes with our SCOUTMENT candidate guarantee
  • Includes pre-qualification and creation of short profiles by the SCOUTMENT team
  • Redeemable within 6 months
  • Simultaneous running of multiple campaigns possible

3 x 5.800€

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If you are a small or medium-sized company regularly in search of professionals, employees, or apprentices, then the 5er SCOUT is the right choice for you.

Campaign Number: 5

  • Ideal for filling 2-4 roles
  • Comes with our SCOUTMENT candidate guarantee
  • Includes pre-qualification and creation of short profiles by the SCOUTMENT team
  • Redeemable within 6 months
  • Simultaneous running of multiple campaigns possible

5 x 5.500€

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For larger companies or rapidly growing enterprises with consistent year-round demand for professionals, employees, and apprentices, we recommend our 10er SCOUT. Benefit from maximum cost savings.

Campaign Number: 10

  • Ideal for multiple hires and various roles
  • Comes with our SCOUTMENT candidate guarantee
  • Includes pre-qualification and creation of short profiles by the SCOUTMENT team
  • Redeemable within 12 months
  • Simultaneous running of multiple campaigns possible.

10 x 5.000€

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Make us your strategic recruiting partner!

Our promise:

The SCOUTMENT – team guarantees a minimum of two qualified applications per running campaign month! *

The 7 qualification criteria for our guarantee:
1. Verification of contact details
2. Checking the willingness to change + availability check
3. Motivating the candidate to start the job

+ 4 selection criteria according to your individual choice

Selection criteria examples: completed trainings / studies; X years professional experience ; salary expectations ; linguistic proficiency ; individual qualifications (licences: forklift license/car driver's license); working time models; industry knowledge ; software knowledge ; etc.


 *the two qualified applications refer to the average of the entire campaign duration.

Your contact with us.
Fast, easy & personal.

Would you like to run a campaign or to just find out more?

Give us a call and we will see together how we can help you to find more suitable applicants.

David and Adriana will be happy to take your call!



In principle, you can reach every person with performance recruiting. However, positions with an annual salary of less than €80,000 are ideal for being filled through performance recruiting. The higher the position, the more likely it is that the person has a Linked-In profile and can also be reached via active sourcing.

Based on the candidate persona created by us, advertisements are displayed on selected job portals, social networks and interest-specific websites. This enables us to use the click budget efficiently. If an even higher display rate is desired due to high urgency, the click budget can also be increased as desired.

We work with various playout providers. Based on experience, we use the right tool for your jobcampaign. In special cases, or if there is a desire for effectiveness instead of efficiency, we can also search using several tools at the same time and thus increase the number of applicants enormously. This is how we shorten your time-to-hire!

In order to prevent this very unlikely event to happen, we evaluate your vacancy according to its prospects of success. We will therefore only start a campaign with you if there is a chance for success. If, unexpectedly, no suitable candidates apply, you will receive a free extension of 30 days.

Passive applicants in particular do not own any up-to-date application documents. They are not actively searching and therefore do not apply to other companies. Especially these applicants are worth their weight in gold! We transform your passive applicants into active ones! By contacting  the candidates within 48 hours, we verify the candidate's contact details and receive the most relevant information directly on the phone. We create a SCOUTMENT candidate profile with an overview of information such as contact details, qualifications, professional experience, etc. This way you receive documents from passive talents, optimized to transfer into your company's applicant management system.

Nowadays every candidate who is interested in you as an employer is important and valuable. Especially in times of labor shortage, you as an employer should bind him to your company!

This is where job cross-selling comes into play. Through our intensive short interview, we can assess the candidate well and possibly suggest and inspire him for another position in your company.
Job cross-selling is matching the candidate to another open vacancy in your company - regardless of the position for which the applicant originally applied.