About us

With SCOUTMENT, we are your supplier for innovate recruiting services and international candidate generation! 

Always up to date, we use the newest recruiting methods and HR tech tools to provide you with the perfect candidates.

No matter if it is about social media recruiting, employer branding or active sourcing: SCOUTMENT offers the ideal solution for every permanent employment.

Our history

SCOUTMENT is currently in the start-up phase and will be the subsidiary firm of Interim Profis GmbH based in Hilden, near Düsseldorf, in a few months.

Due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany, Annette Elias has made the recruitment of applicants for permanent positions her second task. The aim is to use the latest HR tech tools to find new ways to recruit applicants and to reduce the labour shortage by searching internationally for suitable candidates for our clients.

SCOUTMENT's guiding principle is to act globally and socially by creating job opportunities internationally. Thus, giving job seekers in countries with a high unemployment rate a chance to earn an income in another country.


What does SCOUTMENT mean?

The name SCOUTMENT is a neologism made up of the two components of the words SCOUTing and RecruitMENT.

At SCOUTMENT, we have made it our business to scout the labour market for talents, which our clients then recruit.



What do we stand for with our work?
Our vision
We believe in a world without employee shortages and unemployment
Our mission
We discover and motivate talents for joint development and growth in the company of our clients
Our values
For us, it is of great importance to work together in a spirit of trust. Fairness and justice are on our agenda when dealing with our customers and applicants.
We remain flexible. In today's fast-moving world, it is important to recognise trends quickly and to react. To seize new opportunities and to integrate innovations into business processes with dynamism and courage or to optimise them. This is how we ensure that we offer our customers the best service.
Corporate social responsibility
Every private individual, as well as every company, bears responsibility for their own actions. We at SCOUTMENT are aware of this and are particularly committed to climate protection and our society. Every year, we support various projects in the ecological and social areas.
Joy and fun at work is what we strive for. At SCOUTMENT we remain optimistic and realistic in every situation. We are open to new ideas and innovations and dare to take risks.
It is not only through the internet and social media that the world is becoming more and more connected. It has become a matter of course to communicate and do business with people from other continents. This is exactly what we have recognised and see the potential in international networks with customers and partners. Those who make contacts and learn from others enter into cooperations and create something new.